Interesting Results from DITAWriter’s Survey on Who Uses DITA

Keith Schengili-Roberts, the author of the popular blog DITAWriter, has published results of the survey he did on who is using DITA.

The results are quite interesting, and to some extent confirm our own observations. It comes with no surprise that the largest sectors that use DITA are Computer Software (28%) and Information Technology and Services (17%).

I find it interesting and promising that DITA is getting traction in industries other than software and IT. For example, the survey clearly shows that DITA is used in many semiconductor, machinery, and medical device companies.

The fact that DITA is gradually crossing the boundaries of the software/IT industry can be probably explained by the common need that all these industries have. In our days, whatever a company does – software, printed circuit boards, or medical X-ray machines – there is often a significant amount of reusable (or potentially reusable) content.

Last year, in DITAToo, we’ve got several customers from mechanical engineering and financial services sectors. Their key business drivers were mostly the same as the reasons that bring software companies to DITA. They wanted to effectively reuse content, reduce translation costs (which is especially critical for European customers), and enforce consistency and compliance. The last one was a special focus of the financial services company we are working with.

I think it’ll be very interesting to see DITA spreading beyond software and IT industries and potentially even beyond the domain of technical documentation. This to a great extent will depend on whether DITA tools (authoring, publishing, and managing) will become more user-friendly and understandable for non-technical writers. And we, at DITAToo, are definitely going to be a part of it.

You can read a detailed analysis that Keith did on who uses DITA in his DITAWriter blog here.




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