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How Much Does DITA Cost?

When talking about the cost of DITA implementation, I hear quite frequently: “What are you talking about? What costs? DITA is free!” This is right. But this is only a part of the truth. As a standard that you can download from the Internet, DITA costs nothing. But a standard alone is useless. You can Read More …

Recording of the Webinar on Translation Management in DITAToo is Now Available!

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar on translation management in DITAToo! If you missed the event or just want to watch it again, you can download the recording here. And please don’t hesitate to contact us via the DITAToo website if you have any questions!

New Feature in DITAToo Translation Management: Get Translated DITA Files for External Publishing

Based on the feedback we are receiving from our implementation partners and customers, we keep improving the translation management features in DITAToo. Today I want to tell you about one more small, but useful enhancement we’ve made. Remember that earlier DITAToo allowed you to download an entire DITA project with all relevant files (topics, graphics, Read More …