4 Days in June You Shouldn’t Miss

 The Information Energy conference is coming and promises to be very interesting for everyone involved in information and knowledge management! If you haven’t checked out the program yet, you can see it here.

But this year, Information Energy will be special. You’ll get a chance to enjoy not just from the conference itself, but from the pre-conference events too.We are organizing them together with iDTP, our reseller and implementation partner in the Netherlands.

This is what’s going to happen very soon:

June 11th, Amsterdam: a DITAToo European user meetup. We are gathering our European customers and everyone else who is interested to see how DITAToo DITA CMS is used in real life by different companies. At this meeting:

  • We’ll share with you our plans on what we are going to do in the next release (I’ll just give you a tip: it’ll be dedicated to enhancing and improving translation management in DITAToo).
  • Our existing customers will tell how they are using DITAToo.
  • We’ll discuss what new features you would like to see in DITAToo and what you would like us to improve or add.

The attendance is free, but please let us know in advance if you want to attend by sending an email to info [AT] ditatoo [DOT] com

June 12th, Utrecht: Our “DITA in One Day” master class. It’s intended for those users who have a zero experience with DITA, but want to get started quickly. This is an intensive full-day workshop packed with practical information and valuable advices that you can start using right away. By the end of the training day, you’ll be able to author and publish DITA content, as well as implement basic single-sourcing techniques in DITA.

But you get not just the knowledge. To let you start using the concepts you learned in practice, each attendee receives a FREE DITA tool package that includes:

  • Free 6-month subscription for Oxygen DITA editor
  • DITAToo DITA CMS with a free 6-month maintenance plan

You can find out more information about the master class and register here.

June 13th, Utrecht: the first conference day. You can find out the program here.

June 14th, Utrecht: the second conference day. Together with other CMS vendors, we’ll be participating in the discussion “How to Choose a CMS” and presenting DITAToo. You can find the program here.

Looking forward to seeing you in beautiful Holland!


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