Attend Our “DITA in One Day” Workshop in Utrecht and Get a FREE DITA Tool Package

Information Energy 2013 is coming!

This year, as a part of pre-conference master classes, we’ll be conducting a full day workshop for those of you who have a zero experience with DITA, but want to get started quickly.

We called it “DITA in One Day”. This is an intensive full-day workshop packed with practical information and valuable advices that you can start using right away. By the end of the training day, you’ll be able to author and publish DITA content, as well as implement basic single-sourcing techniques in DITA.

But you get not just the knowledge. Together with Syncro Soft, the developer of Oxygen XML Editor, we’ve prepared an amazing offer that lets you immediately start using the concepts you learned.

Each attendee of the “DITA in One Day” workshop receives a FREE DITA tool package that includes:

You can find a detailed syllabus of the workshop here.

The workshop will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 (the day before the Information Energy 2013 conference starts). The cost is 395 euro per attendee.

To register, go here and register for “Master Class DITA in One Day, June 12″. Your free DITA tool package with Oxygen XML Editor and DITAToo DITA CMS is waiting for you!

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