DITAToo 1.6 Is Released!

Today, in the last day of January, we are proud to annouce that DITAToo v1.6 is out!

We were telling you about the features that we were adding to the new version so you already know about some of them. Now it’s time to try them on your own. DITAToo 1.6 is now available for public, and you can get a free demo and trial by sending us a request.

DITAToo 1.6 focuses primarily on content conversion and publishing capabilities. The new features include:

  • Publishing profiles:
    • Store combinations of conditional attributes and their values as predefined sets. A publishing profile defines the conditional content to be exposed in a deliverable.
    • Select a publishing profile you want to use when publishing a project.
    • Generate DITAVAL files from publishing profiles.
    • Download an entire project, including the map, topics, graphics, and DITAVAL files, to your computer in a few clicks for publishing outside of DITAToo.
  • Improved conversion from MS Word to DITA:
    • DITAToo automatically identifies concepts and tasks in legacy Word documents and convert them to appropriate DITA topics.
    • DITAToo uploads converted files to the repository and sort them among automatically created folders for concepts, tasks, and graphics.
    • The conversion is now much faster.
  • Conversion of text files to DITA.
  • Conversion between DITA information types: now converting concepts to topics and vice versa is a matter of seconds.
  • Built-in viewer to preview DITA topics from within DITAToo: now topic preview works much faster than it was in previous versions. Images and conrefed content are displayed as well.
  • Automatic generation of unique topic IDs when creating a new topic from within DITAToo.

As usual, we are looking for your feedback amd will be happy to get your opinions on the new version. You can find more about DITAToo and request a trial version on the DITAToo official website.

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