DITAToo DITA CMS 1.9 Is Released!

I’m happy to announce that DITAToo 1.9 is out! The new version includes many features and improvements that you, our users, asked us to add. We listened to you very carefully and improved DITAToo to make it to support your different work habits and real-life scenarios.

Here is an overview of the major improvements:


Searching translations

With DITAToo 1.9, you can search for the following within a specific project or in the entire repository:

  • Files that are not translated
  • Translated files
  • Files that are translated, but need to be updated because the source was changed
  • Files that are translated and up to date
  • Files that are currently locked for translation

You can also choose translations in which language you want to search or you can search in all languages.


Dismissing the “Needs Update” Status

DITAToo 1.9 enables you to dismiss the “Needs Update” status that DITAToo automatically assigns to a topic whose content in the source language was modified. For example, if you found a typo, a punctuation mistake, or a grammar mistake in the source topic, this kind of change will unlikely affect the translation, and you might need to dismiss the “Needs Update” status.


Specifying whether to Zip Individual Files when Downloading for Translation

In previous versions, when you downloaded individual files for translation, DITAToo packaged them to a zipped folder and downloaded this zip to your local drive. Before you uploaded the translated files back to the DITAToo repository, you had to package the files into a zipped folder again.

After talking to many users, we realized that in some cases, you might want to download and upload individual files without zipping. On the other hand, zipping individual files could be still useful, especially when you download individual files from different folders in the repository. DITAToo 1.9 enables you to specify whether or not you want to download individual files for translation in a zipped folder. If you chose to not zip files when you download them for translation, then there is no need to zip them before upload.


Removing a Translation of a DITA Map without Removing the Translation of the Associated Topics

DITAToo 1.9 lets you remove a translation of a DITA map itself. The translation of the topics to which the map refers will be preserved.


Overwriting the Current Version without Incrementing the Version Number

For example, let’s say you want to fix a typo. This kind of fix shouldn’t necessarily cause the version number to be incremented.  Now you can choose to not increment the version number when you are checking in a topic or project.


Assigning Tags to Referenced Files

With DITAToo 1.9, when you assign a tag to a topic or project, you can make DITAToo to automatically assign this tag to all referenced files. For example, you can specify that the tag which you assign to a project should be also assigned to all its topics and graphics.


Checking Out a Project with All Referenced Files

With DITAToo 1.9, when checking out a project for editing in an external XML editor, you can specify whether you want all referenced topics and other files to be checked out as well.

We’ve recorded a short video that demonstrates the major features introduced in DITAToo 1.9:

Note for DITAToo customers: if you bought DITAToo directly from us, you will receive shortly the detailed information on how to get the new version. If you bought DITAToo from one of our value-added resellers or implementation partners, you will receive this information from them.

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