DITAToo DITA CMS Can Now Integrate with Microsoft SQL Server

As you know, DITAToo uses MySQL Server as a content repository.

However, we realize that our customers may have certain requirements regarding the database used. For example, in several companies with which we are working, Microsoft SQL Server is a corporate standard. This is what the company has already invested into, and this is what the IT team knows how to maintain. For them it would be easier if DITAToo would use MS SQL Server instead of MySQL Server.

To let these companies enjoy DITAToo and preserve the investment into the existing infrastructure, we began to check what we can do. And I’ve just gotten an excellent news from our developers. They’ve created an infrastructure that will allow us to integrate DITAToo with MS SQL Server whenever it’s needed. Some development and QA checks are still required, but as a matter of principle, we can now switch DITAToo to work with MS SQL Server on a per-request basis.

So if MS SQL Server is your corporate standard, and you would need DITAToo to support it, please let us know and we can do such an integration as a part of custom development or implementation. Please feel free to contact me for details!



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