DITAToo Goes East! Meet Us at the 14th STC India Annual Conference on November 29-December 1 in Bangalore, India

Together with our implementation partner and reseller in India, Metapercept Information Solutions & Consulting, we’ll show you how small- and medium-size companies that don’t have a big budget for expensive CMSs can still benefit from DITA.

Join us at this presentation and you’ll see how DITAToo automates and facilitates most of the tasks that any DITA user has to do everyday, including:

- Search
- Link management
- Arranging and re-arranging DITA content
- Managing content variations
- Managing translations
- Publishing
- and much more…

You’ll also see features that we haven’t announced officially yet. This includes a tight integration with one of the leading authoring tools (an official release is coming!) and improved automated conversion from Word to DITA.

Details will be coming soon!

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