First Results of Our Online Survey on Converting Legacy Content to DITA

Our online survey “How Do You Convert Your Legacy Content to DITA?” is on, and we want to share with you some preliminary results that we are getting.

One of the questions we asked was about the format in which legacy content is stored. Respondents could select multiple answers. Most people have the legacy content in Unstructured FrameMaker (63.4%). This goes quite close with MS Word which is the legacy format for 58.5%. HTML is the legacy format for 19.5% (several people noticed that they have the content in RoboHelp).

The chart below graphically shows you a graphical representation of the answers.

In what format do you have legacy content?

We also asked about challenges that you are facing when converting legacy content to DITA (multiple answers could be selected). 69% noticed that they have to restructure or rewrite the legacy content before the conversion. 54% said they are experiencing difficulties with mapping styles or elements of the legacy content to DITA. Also, for 45.2% inconsistent formatting of the legacy content became a problem. Look at this chart to get a bigger picture:

What challenges did you face when converting legacy content to DITA

These are just some preliminary results. The survey is still open. If you haven’t already participated in the survey, we’ll be glad to hear about your experience! Please go here to fill out this short survey. After it’s done, we’ll summarize the results and make them available for the community.

Stay with us!


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