FrameMaker for Authoring, DITAToo for DITA Management

The recent eSeminar from Adobe and iG5 Authoring Tools was a great success. You can view it here.

We demonstrated how using FrameMaker as an authoring tool with DITAToo as a DITA management tool provides a complete solution for your everyday DITA work. We showed that DITAToo allows you to:

  • Store DITA topics in a central, searchable repository so that they can be easily managed, tracked, and retrieved
  • Avoid broken links when moving or renaming files – DITAToo updates all links automatically each time a file is moved or renamed
  • Automatically convert unstyled Word documents to valid DITA
  • Assemble topics into maps without knowing DITA (enabling non-technical writers to easily create their own deliverables)
  • View where each topic is reused
  • Generate DITAVAL files based on the attributes used in topics throughout the map
  • Control versions
  • … and much more!

By the way, we also demonstrated a preview of the new feature that we are adding to the next version of DITAToo – Managing Publishing Profiles. If you are conditionalizing your DITA content, it’s worth following the link. We’ll be announcing general availability of the new version soon, so you’ll be able to try it out for yourselves.

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