From Holland with Love

This is going to be a quite unusual post.

Typically, I write about new features, events, surveys, and other DITAToo and DITA-related stuff. But today it’ll be different. Today I want to share with you my impressions from my latest visit to the Netherlands where we did our first DITAToo European user meet up, conducted DITA masterclass, and participated in the Information Energy conference. And I’ll do one more thing that I never did before – I’ll show you some pictures I’ve made in Utrecht so you can see this amazing city and maybe even feel its atmosphere.

Our user meetup and the masterclass went great – this all happened thanks to Wim Hooghwinkel, our partner in the Netherlands. Wim was also the one who organized the Information Energy conference. I have to tell you this: for me, it’s rare case when absolutely all sessions were so interesting and useful that I all the sessions in a row and was sorry that I couldn’t attend some parallel sessions (there were several parallel tracks).

Wim combined great speakers with hot topics and put all this in an amazing location. Just see these pictures to get an idea about the city where all this were taking place (sorry for the quality, I’ve done the pictures with my very old Nokia – just didn’t have a room in my briefcase for a real camera).

This rabbit is an informal symbol of Utrecht. It appears even on the traffic lights for pedestrians:


As you could already notice, there’re a lot of bicycles. They are everywhere…


I can hardly imagine a bridge without at least one bicycle (OK, I admit, this one I’ve made last year)

And of course, Utrecht is all about canals…

Just like in Venice…

And this is where we were gathering for the conference…

And another one (again, sorry for the low quality, but just give you an idea)…

To get to the conference venue, we were walking through the old city…

…or just walking around in the newer parts of Utrecht:

By the way, Amsterdam is just 30 kilometers away so you can always drop by!

So are you coming next year? ;-)

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