How DITAToo DITA CMS Helps Small and Medium-Sized Teams Benefit from DITA – Meet Us at the 14 STC India Annual Conference

In two weeks from now, on December 1, Amit Siddhartha of Metapercept, our implementation partner in India, and myself will be presenting our DITAToo DITA CMS at the STC Conference in Bangalore.

In our presentation, we’ll be focusing on how DITAToo helps small- and medium-sized documentation teams solve various content management challenges that DITA may bring.

As you know, DITA can help technical communicators significantly speed up the content development process and help them create consistent and high quality technical documentation. With DITA, content reuse and single sourcing can become easy and effective. Potentially, DITA can even become an enterprise-wide standard that allows people from different departments – technical documentation, sales, marketing, support, development, and so on – to reuse content of each other.

However, along with very interesting promises, DITA also brings new challenges. Many of these challenges relate to management of DITA content that becomes even more important than ever. For example:

  • How can writers find what they need among thousands individual topics?
  • How can they track where each topic is reused?
  • How can they ensure integrity of links when their DITA content is reorganized?
  • How can they manage translations to multiple languages?
  • How can they encourage reuse of content across the organization without enforcing non-technical writers to learn DITA?

These challenges are usually addressed by DITA content management systems (DITA CMSs). The problem is that many traditional DITA CMSs are so expensive and complicated that they may become an overkill which doesn’t bring a clear return-on-investment.

In our presentation, we’ll show how DITAToo CMS provides a simple and affordable solution for those small- and medium-size companies that want to benefit from DITA, but don’t have big budgets and can’t afford an expensive implementation. We’ll demonstrate how DITAToo automates and facilitates most of tasks that any DITA users has to do every day:

  • Search among DITA content
  • Link management
  • Arranging and re-arranging DITA content
  • Managing publishing and content variations
  • Managing translations
  • Controlling versions
  • and so on…

We’ll be at the STC conference from November 30 through December 2 so if you want to see DITAToo in action or get a personal demo or just want to talk and ask questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at alex AT ditatoo DOT com to arrange a meeting.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about DITAToo at the DITAToo DITA CMS official website.

Looking forward to see you in Bangalore!

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