Last Preliminary Results of Our Survey on Migrating Legacy Content to DITA before Official Report

Before our survey on migrating legacy content to DITA is closed and we’ll begin to process the results, we want to share with you some more preliminary results that we are getting.

We asked our respondents about tools they used to convert legacy content to DITA. The answers split between:

  • FrameMaker conversion tables: 37.2%
  • A home-grown tool: 37.2%
  • We don’t know. The service was (or is) provided by an external consultant as a “black box”: we just provided the legacy content and received DITA: 23.3%
  • Mif2Go: 25.6%
  • Stilo: 9.3%

The chart below demonstrates the results.

Tools for Converting Legacy Content to DITAWe also asked people what would they do differently if they would do the conversion now, when they already know all pitfalls and issues. You’ll see the numbers in our final report, but let me share with you some comments that the respondents left:

Allocate resources and time for analyzing the content and developing the target information architecture and reuse model. Then develop the conversion process to match that target model.

Invest more time on data modelling/analysis

Costs are regularly underestimated because the problems grow as you get into the details of the content

More test runs to catch all the gotcha’s before the global conversion.

I think we go the same basic route.

None. We were aware of most of the pitfalls going into the conversion.

If you still haven’t participated in the survey, then this is your last chance! Please click here and share your experience with us.

After it’s done, we’ll summarize the results and make them available for the community.

Stay tuned!


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