Learn DITA and Get DITAToo for Free!

We’ve been providing a general DITA training as a complementary service on a per-request basis to some of our customers. Usually, these were customers that acquired DITAToo DITA CMS and wanted us to help them gain understanding of DITA too.

Because a feedback was very positive, at some point, we thought: “If we could make them happy, why not to make this training available to everyone?”

So we’ve packaged our training solutions into three offers:

All these courses are online instructor-led trainings. There will be a lot of exercises and home assignments so be ready to a quite intensive training packed with a plenty of practical advices.

We believe that training is more effective when working in small groups. In this case, each attendee can get a personal attention of the instructor. So we are now forming groups of 3 to 5 people who are interested in one of these courses. There are no predefined dates yet. Once we have a at least 3 people registered for any of these courses, we’ll coordinate the dates and timeslots that work for all the attendees.

And now the most amazing part. Each attendee will get a FREE perpetual license for our DITAToo DITA CMS, a value of $950, with a free 6-months maintenance plan.

Sounds good? Please write us to info@ditatoo.com and tell us:

  1. Which of the three courses above you would like to attend.
  2. What dates and time work for you best.
  3. What DITA editor you would like us to use at the training: Oxygen or FrameMaker (if it matters).

Hope to hear from you soon!

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