New Feature in DITAToo: Translation Management

Just eight days separate us from the NLDITA Tools 2012 conference that will be opened in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on April 5, and I’m officially allowed to tell you about a new feature that we are going to present there.

The upcoming release of DITAToo will introduce a simple and elegant way to manage your translations. With the new translation management feature, you’ll be able to easily track and manage translations. For example, you’ll see:

  • To which languages a topic is already translated
  • Translation to which languages is currently missing
  • Whether any of your translations should be updated because the topic in the source language was modified

The last capability is especially important. When you have a topic translated to multiple languages, and you update the topic in the source language, you need to be notified that all the translations should be updated accordingly. This is exactly what DITAToo will be doing. After the original topic is changed, you’ll get an automatic notification that you should update the translations.

Moreover, if you’ve already updated the translations only in a part of the languages, DITAToo will tell you translations in which languages are still waiting for the update.

We are developing this feature with a great help from our implementation partner in the Netherlands, Wim Hooghwinkel of iDTP.

We are planning to add more capabilities to the translation management feature in DITAToo. Come and meet us on April 5 at NLDITA Tools in Utrecht to learn more!

In the meantime, you can read more about DITAToo at the DITAToo official website.

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