New Feature in the Upcoming Release of DITAToo DITA CMS: Tagging Files and Projects

As the next release of DITAToo DITA CMS is just around the corner, I can now show you some of the cool features we prepared for you in DITAToo version 1.8.

The feature that I personally like a lot is an ability to tag any files you have in the repository and then filter and search by tags. You see, our customers were telling us that when there are a lot of projects, it’s not easy to find the project you need on the Projects tab. So we began thinking about a solution that would be straightforward, easy-to-use, and flexible at the same time.

An idea we came up with is tagging your projects. Using DITAToo Admin, you can pre-define tags that the authors can use:

As a content creator, in DITAToo Author, you can assign one or more tags to each project by selecting tags from the pre-defined list. Tagged projects are displayed with the little tag icon next to the project name (you can see which tags are assigned to the project by rolling the mouse over the tag icon or going to the Project Properties window):

Once the projects are tagged, you can specify projects with which tags should be shown. As you can see, you can use OR and AND conditions. For example, you might want to show only the projects tagged with UserGuides OR InstallationGuides. Alternatively, you might want to see only the projects tagged with DITATooAuthor AND InstallationGuides:

But that’s not all. We thought that it would be useful if you could tag not just your projects but virtually anything you store in the DITAToo repository: topics, graphics, output files, anything… Like projects, tagged files are displayed with the little tag icon (you can see which tags are assigned to the file by rolling the mouse over the tag icon or going to the File Properties window):

Once the files are tagged, you can ask DITAToo to find you only those files that are tagged with the specified tags.

I think you gonna love this feature, but I’d be happy to hear what you think!

Check out the official DITAToo website to learn more about DITAToo DITA CMS.

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