New Features and Improvements in DITAToo Are Coming!

I’m excited to share with you some hot news happening here, at DITAToo, right now.

We are already working on the next release of DITAToo and building plans for the future. We are all very enthusiastic about how DITAToo is adopted and used by our customers and want to make it even better! Today I just wanted to give you an idea of what we are doing and what interesting changes and enhancements you are going to see in DITAToo in the next few months.

* First of all, it’ll be improved usability. Based on the feedback we are receiving from our customers, we are working to make the user experience with DITAToo smooth and easy. These are just a few examples of what we are going to change:
– We are redesigning the Projects tab to let you easily navigate across projects, when you have a lot of them.
– We are also working to make the Translation Management easier-to-use and to give you more control over the translation process, especially when you are translating to many languages.
– We are improving the way you work with DITA maps to facilitate creating, assembling, and editing maps within DITAToo.

* We’re also enhancing the DITAToo’s built-in Word-to-DITA convertor. It’s already saving a lot of time to our customers by allowing them to convert even unstyled Word documents to valid DITA with no or minimal cleanup. Now we are taking it even further and adding more features to give you more control over the conversion and make the conversion smarter. Probably, one of the most amazing things will be the ability to extract the names of user interface elements (e.g, button captions, window titles) to a separate file and generate conref’s to them. This will allow you to easily update and translate the names of UI elements throughout the documentation.

* We’re integrating DITAToo with one of the leading DITA authoring tools. This integration will allow you to access the DITAToo repository from within this DITA editor. You’ll have a special pane within the authoring tool that will show you the contents of the DITAToo repository. You’ll be able to use all DITAToo management capabilities without leaving your authoring environment.

* And of course, we are preparing new webinars to tell you about how different teams are using DITAToo, to show new features, and to explain how DITAToo can solve your needs.

We’ll be giving you more details in our next posts. Stay with us and you’ll learn a lot of new amazing things about DITAToo!

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