New Translation Management Features in the Upcoming Release of DITAToo DITA CMS

While my colleagues are updating the user documentation and preparing to the release of DITAToo 1.8, I want to share with you some more features we’ve added to the new version.

  • DITA maps are under translation management now. An inability to put DITA maps under translation management in the same way as topics and images were managed made our customers feel uncomfortable. So we’ve fixed this, and now translations of DITA maps are managed too.
  • Removing a translation. After talking to those of our customers who are extensively translating their DITA content to multiple languages, we realized this feature will be very helpful. Now you’ll be able to remove a translation on any language stored in the DITAToo repository.

  • Exporting the project translation status to a CSV file. In addition to an ability to view the translation status of a project in DITAToo, you’ll be able to export this information to a CSV file and open it in Excel. Project managers should like it.
  • Automatic packaging the files downloaded for translation to a zip file. From now on, when you’ll be downloading a project, all the relevant files will be automatically packaged to a zip file that you can send to your translation agency. In the reverse direction (that is when uploading the translated files to the repository), you will also provide a zip that will be automatically unpackaged to the repository.

 More features are waiting for you just around the corner. So stay tuned. DITAToo 1.8 is coming!

Check out the official DITAToo website to learn more about DITAToo DITA CMS.

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