New All-In-One Installers for DITAToo DITA CMS

Today I’m continuing to tell you about the new features that we added to the new version of DITAToo DITA CMS.

This time, it’ll be something that will significantly facilitate the entire installation process. Up until now, you had to install the components required by DITAToo. For example, you had to separately download and install MySQL Server, DITA OT, and Java Runtime Environment. We realized that it’s not a very convenient and easy way to start working with DITAToo.

So DITAToo version 1.8 will be provided with two all-in-one installers:

  • DITAToo Admin installer, which installs:
    • DITAToo Admin
    • MySQL Server 5.6 (optionally). By the way, now we support MySQL Server 5.6! The installer will install MySQL Server on the computer with default settings. The only thing that the installer will ask you to define is the  password for the root user.
  • InstallDITAToo_1.8.msi, which installs:
    • DITAToo Author
    • DITA OT 1.7.5 (optionally). That’s right, now we support DITA OT 1.7 too!
    • Connector for FrameMaker 11 (optionally)
    • Java Runtime Environment (optionally)

Basically, this means that now you just need to run these two installers, and DITAToo will take care of the rest. No more separate downloads and separate installations and configurations of MySQL Server. You run these two files, and you are ready to go.

And now it’s just a few days before the new version will be officially launched. Stay tuned and you’ll be the first to know (and maybe even try, if you want to) when DITAToo 1.8 will become available!

Check out the official DITAToo website to learn more about DITAToo DITA CMS.



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