DITA Publishing with DITAToo DITA CMS

You may enjoy DITA content reuse capabilities, but in the end of the day you need to produce a nicely looking output.

In early February, Keith Schengili-Roberts, the author of the DITAWriter blog, updated his list of DITA output samples. You can see it here to get an idea of what you can achieve. Publishing tools used to generate these outputs are not specified, but my guess is that different publishing engines were involved. Maybe it was DITA OT, DITA for Publishers, DITA2Go, and FrameMaker (for PDF).

DITAToo DITA CMS also gives you various possibilities of how you can publish DITA. One option is to use DITAToo’s integration with DITA OT. In this case, not only you can publish to any of the formats supported by DITA OT, but you can also apply your own DITA OT’s customization folders. The screenshot below shows how you can select a customization folder to be applied for the PDF output.

DITA OT Customization

A good thing is that DITAToo DITA CMS doesn’t impose any special requirements on how you should build your DITA OT’s customizations.  In other words, you just create a customization as usual, point DITAToo to the customization folder, and DITAToo will do the rest.

By the way, in the upcoming release of DITAToo we are planning to let users easily specify additional settings, like memory allocation, for publishing via DITA OT.

Another possibility is to download the files to a local computer and then use a third party publishing engine, like FrameMaker or WebWorks ePublisher. In this case, DITAToo DITA CMS not only download all the required files, but it also convert publishing profiles to standard .ditaval files that you can also use to filter conditional content when publishing. This screenshot shows how you can specify a location where the files should be downloaded and select the publishing profiles you want to use:

Publish DITA Using a Third Party Engine

Those DITAToo users who have FrameMaer as a DITA authoring tool especially like this feature. It allows them to set up a publishing template for the PDF output in FrameMaker (modifying EDDs and templates instead of tweaking DITA OT), retrieve the files from DITAToo DITA CMS, and let FrameMaker do the rest.

For more information about DITAToo, see the official website of DITAToo DITA CMS.


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