Recording of the Joint Webinar with Adobe on FrameMaker and DITAToo DITA CMS Is Now Available

Our joint presentation with Adobe on FrameMaker and DITAToo DITA CMS was a great success! We’ve attracted a lot of interest and got a very positive feedback.

Pavel Shulga, our CTO, has demonstrated how a combination of FrameMaker and DITAToo can give you an out-of-the-box integrated solution for authoring, publishing, and managing DITA content.

Pavel started with taking a Word document full of manual formatting and showed how DITAToo can convert this document to a standard valid DITA automatically in a matter of seconds.

Then Pavel showed how you can access the DITAToo content repository from within FrameMaker and work with the files. Attendees could see how to check-out and update DITA topics using FrameMaker, add images stored both in the DITAToo repository and on a local drive, add individual topics to the repository, create a new map from the topics stored in the repository, and publish the map to PDF – all this without leaving the FrameMaker environment.

Finally, Pavel demonstrated a “where used” feature which is very popular among DITA users. This feature lets you see where each topic is reused. In other words, you can see which maps and other topics are referencing to the topic in question. It’s very useful when you want to update a topic and want to understand how the change affects other content.

Then we had a Question and Answer session where Pavel answered the questions asked by attendees.

Click here to watch the recording.

Thanks very much to all who attended the webniar! Our special thanks go to Maxwell Hoffmann, a product evangelist at Adobe, who organized and hosted this amazing event.

For more information about DITAToo, please check out the official DITAToo DITA CMS website.

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