Translation Management in DITAToo: Now You Can Choose the Publishing Language Too

While I’m waiting for a taxi that will take me to the airport on my way to the NLDITA Tools conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands, I want to tell you about one more capability we’re adding to the translation management feature in DITAToo.

Suppose you have a project that you translated to several languages. In the previous post, I wrote that you can check to which languages each topic is already translated and get an automatic notification when the topic in the source language is updated (and thus, all its translations have to be updated accordingly).

Now you can do one more thing: when you publish the project, you’ll get the list of languages to which the project’s topics are translated. You just select a language, and DITAToo will generate an output in this language! Then you select another language, and DITAToo will produce another output in that other language.

If the project contains topics that are not translated yet to the selected language, DITAToo will tell you about it. So you’ll always know the translation in which language is missing.

If you want to see how it works, visit our booth at NLDITA in Utrecht on April 5! We’ll be looking forward to meeting you there.

In the meantime, you can check out the DITAToo official website.

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