Viewing Translation Status of an Entire Project or Individual DITA Topics with DITAToo Translation Management

We keep improving the DITAToo translation management capabilities. We’ve just added a quite simple, but very useful features that lets you control your translations.

First of all, now you can view properties of a project. Apart from some general information (such as the project checkout status, when it’s created and modified, etc.), you get a list of topics the project contains with the indication for each language whether a topic is translated or requires an update:

This allows you to quickly understand where you are standing in terms of translations, and what else needs to be updated or translated.

In addition, you can also see properties of an individual DITA topic. As you can see on the screenshot, not only you can see the translation status of the topic, but also see a preview of the topic in the selected language.

We are now beta-testing these and other translation management features. We’ll announce an official release of the DITAToo translation management very soon and will do a webinar to present these features to everyone in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!

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