Watch the Recording of Our Latest Webinar on DITAToo DITA CMS Online

In early January, in association with Metapercept Information Solutions, our implementation partner in India, we conducted a webinar on DITAToo for the audience in India.

During the webinar we briefly talked about key DITA concepts and then did a live demo of DITAToo. We focused at some DITAToo’s key capabilities, including:

  • Automatic conversion of a Word document (which was completely unstyled and full of manual formatting, by the way) tom DITA
  • Uploading an existing DITA map from a local computer to DITAToo
  • Automatic update of all links when files and folders are being moved and renamed
  • Metadata-based search
  • Arranging topics to maps
  • Publishing, including filtering conditional content and using publishing profiles
  • Translation management
  • Version control

The recording of this webinar is now available to everyone. You can watch it online (no need to download anything) right here:

00:00:00 – approx. 00:15:50: Brief introduction to DITA (Amit Siddhartha, Metapercept Information Solutions)
00:15:50 – till the end: DITAToo DITA CMS live demo (Alex Masycheff, DITAToo)

To learn more about DITAToo and request a free evaluation copy, please visit the DITAToo website.

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