Workflow Manager Is Coming!

We are back from summer vacation with a lot of creative ideas and some really amazing news.

Many of you keep asking us about a possibility to manage workflow in DITAToo. Finally, it’s coming! We are working on a new Workflow Manager feature right now to officially release it later this year.

Although Workflow Manager is still in work and not all functionality is implemented yet, I want to share with you some screenshots to give you an idea of how it’s going to work.

First of all, you’ll be able to define workflow states (create as many states as you want):


Some states, like Initial (a starting point for any new new topic or project) or In Translation, will be there by default. You can rename their default names, but you can’t remove them completely. Also, unlike the states that you created manually and can assign to a topic or project whenever you need, the default states are triggered by a pre-defined action. For example, using the Lock and Download for Translation will automatically assign the In Translation state.

Once the workflow states are defined, you can assign a state to a specific topic or project:


In addition, you might want to assign this topic to someone. For example, if you changed the state of the topic to “Ready for Review”, you can assign the topic to a user who should review the topic.  That user will receive an email notification.


You can also assign a topic to a user even without changing the workflow state. For example, after you’ve already assigned a topic to a user, you decided to ask someone else to review the topic or want someone else to write a topic. In this case, you just assign the topic to another user without changing the workflow state.

Having workflow states without an ability to search and get reports wouldn’t make any sense. So you’ll be able to search and view:

  • Topics in a certain workflow state
  • Topics assigned to a certain user
  • Users to whom a certain topic is assigned

(We are working on the user interface for this feature as we speak. Once it’s ready, I’ll share it with you.)

So what do you think? What else would you like to see in your Workflow Manager?

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